Saturday, July 30, 2011

32. The Will Callers at Club Dada, 7/29/11

32. The Will Callers, at Club Dada.
One of these people may be a Golden God.

So, what we usually do when we are unmoved by a band, as you might know if you've read this blog for a bit, what we do is we go see the O's.  So we left Sons of Hermann and went to Club Dada again.  Man, the O's were good.  We've noted that before, but still.  Man.  Even if they refused to show nipple when their picture was taken.

And after them, Fort Worth band the Will Callers took the stage.  Four fellows made up the archetypal rock setup, bass, drums, guitar, other guitar.  You know the drill.

Their set was country rock '70s style.  Actually, they looked the part too, long '70s hair (except the drummer who had sort of '80s hair), ripped jeans, the stage moves.  Americana, country rock, but more Lynyrd Skynyrd than Old 97's.  R said they reminded him of Sweetwater, the amalgam of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin in the movie "Almost Famous."

The Will Callers showed commendable chops.  The songs weren't exactly earth-shaking, but the guys were talented and clearly put a lot of heart into the show, despite the fact that most people were there to see the O's.  We got the feeling they'd play equally hard for ten or a thousand people.  The vocals --- a little bit Steve Earle, a little bit Robbie Fulks, very Southern --- and outlaw country guitar riffs were particularly good, and we liked their energy.

They would have done well on a daylight stage, the opening act of a large festival, thousands of beer-soaked classic rock lovers cheering them on.  As it was, we imagined them playing a series of bars across south Texas.  As R said, "There's a bar somewhere in College Station that should be paying these guys a lot of money to play every week."

In sum: Solid country rock infused with a '70s vibe.  We liked the energy and the professionalism.

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